Spiritual Practice Mondays
the Contemplative Practice of Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina

Quieting mind and spirit to be alive to God's presence


Even though the building may have restricted access, our ability to gather in community has expanded with Zoom and Facebook. Join us for these spiritual experiences to grow your capacity for peace.

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Every Monday, a group of seekers gather online to engage in the Christian practice of Centering Prayer.  Using the methodology of the late Father Thomas Keating, a group gathers in this ancient practice of changing the world - beginning with themselves.  The goal of Father Keating's teaching was that the discipline of contemplative prayer, and the practice of being still and listening for God's presence, would lead human beings to experience the unconditional “love beyond love” that is God’s presence within us and to have that love lead us “to respect and befriend and love one another.”  Truly a practice for our time.  For the healing of God's world. 

After a 20 minute sit, the gathered group practices Lectio Devina - a process of praying the scriptures.