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The “Gathering,” a resource that offers possibilities of reading for the third Sunday after Pentecost provides us with 4 readings. These readings have an element of letting go and moving on. We have recently faced both a worldwide  pandemic and extreme weather that have caused incredible death and destruction. Climate change is pushing us to let go and move on from some ways of living that we have been used to. These events have made us face changes in almost everything we do, changes that must be addressed it seems on a daily basis.

How do two of the readings of these ancient writings (Psalm 77 and Galatians 5) help us today? The psalmist looked to memories for comfort and Paul to his faith, freedom, and trust in the fruits of the Spirit. In Luke 9:51-62, Jesus simply asked that we follow him above all else.

Join us on June 23 as we explore these themes.

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