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During the season of Advent our community will be exploring the theme of “Manger Moments.” You are invited to look for moments in your life where you had a life-changing encounter with God that took you in a new direction.

Each week you will be invited to imitate the wise persons in the story and give/share with others, especially those in need.

There will gift boxes under our Christmas tree in the foyer where you can place your gifts and/or donations.
Each Sunday during worship we will highlight one of the below communities where these gifts will be delivered. All gift boxes will be delivered after Advent 4.

Advent 1: Nov 27 th – You are invited to bring a loaf of bread as an offering to go to The Lookout North Shore Shelter. (This offering will be delivered this week)

This weeks Scripture:  Mathew 2:7-17, Malachi 5:2

May you look for the face of God in each person you meet this season, and may each person you meet look for the face of God in you!”

Thank you for helping our community to live out God’s call!