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Toast Talks are Zoom chats hosted by First United to keep its audience up to date on the redevelopment and more.  They are recorded so you can watch anytime.  Click on "Resources" on the website HERE or participate in the next one.

Here are some highlights from the June 23rd Toast Talks:

  • fences are up, demolition date is scheduled for July 13.  Construction to start Fall 2022, and a new building can be expected winter 2024
  • Dr. Carmen Lansdowne's nomination for United Church of Canada Moderator (top elected position) is unopposed, so she willl be installed on August 7th.  This is a three-year commitment, so in the meantime there will be a search for an interim Executive Director for First United.
  • Legal Advocacy program hired a staff lawyer (Sara Marsden) to do systemic advocacy.  This puts First into a good position to have some influence on the legal regime, not just do damage control through individual cases.  (The legal advocacy program is largely funded by a grant from the Law Foundation.)
  • Redevelopment fundraising stands at 80% of its goal ($24 million out of $30 million).  Communities of Faith (i.e., congregations) are making significant contributions.  (For example, our next-door neighbour, Mt. Seymour United has raised $145,000!)
  • If you are on the bus or Skytrain, or watch TV, you are probably aware of the ad campaign.  You saw those people talking about the impact that First had in their lives in the video that Amanda Burrows showed us last December.  This campaign is considered an investment in social justice education and initiatives and is funded out of donations, with one major donor and "massive" in kind donations (e.g., bus campaign: paid for a month and the company has extended the campaign without charge.). The philosophy behind the ads is to show people with compassion and dignity, not to go for shock value.  The ads appear to be making a big impact in terms of awareness.
  • Donations in kind are still being accepted.  Click Here for more information.


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