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This past Sunday evening we held our first Yoga Chapel class. I'm happy to report that Yoga Chapel was a huge success! There was a great deal of interest with 18 participants registered -- a fantastic turnout for the launch of this program. Having offered Yoga Chapel as a virtual class (Zoom) enabled us to bring this unique yoga practice to everyone who was interested, including those who might not be able to participate in person. Thus, our participants hailed from across the lower mainland, and other provinces. 

We launched our Yoga Chapel program with a 5-class Epiphany series. The theme of this first-class was The Birth of Jesus. As participants started joining the session, they found some time to connect with each other before the class began. And connection is so sorely needed in this time of masks and bubbles! The class proper began with Lectio Divina (divine reading of scriptures) of Jesus' birth story. Then we moved into a gentle yoga practice that is intended to be accessible to anyone who wants to participate. The flowing yoga postures provided an opportunity for moving meditation inspired by the scripture reading. As the yoga class moved into final relaxation (Savasana), we offered a closing meditation on the high expectations attached to Jesus' birth and then closed with a reflection on how we personally react to epiphanies that don't meet our expectations. Gratefully, I can say that our first Yoga Chapel class far exceeded my expectations! I'm looking forward to next week, for the 2nd class in this Epiphany series: The Baptism of Jesus.

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Shauna L Grinke 8 days ago

Thank you Artemis for this update. This new ministry of LVUC, combining body, mind, and spiritual growth, is just what the weary, grief filled world needs. Many blessings to you on your work!

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