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A recent trend in my family's 'post-traditional-meal' activities has been to watch a classic movie and this Thanksgiving we watched "The Princess Bride"...probably one of my all time favorites. 

Having honed some skills in "noticing what stands out as if in bold or as if it was new information" through the spiritual practice of Lectio Divina, I found myself paying attention to the dialogue, listening for something new or captivating.

There are many lines that have become part of the secret language of shared experience with my family

  • You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means
  • Have fun storming the castle
  • Think it will work? it will take a miracle

But in listening carefully for what stood out while watching it this time, it was as if there were special nuggets of universal truth woven into every scene. It was also diifficult- and those who have seen the movie will understand just how many challenges there are in clearly hearing the words spoken by the characters- accents, speech impediments, trying to speak while mostly dead to name but a few.

The one phrase that has been rolling in my head since watching this movie I have seen countless times is the question posed by Mircale Max when the two kidnappers, Fezzik and Indigo, took the lifeless form of the hero Wesley and asked for a miracle. Max uses the bellows from the fire to sqeeze air into the lungs of the 'only mostly dead' body and asks very loudly "Hey, you in there, whatcha got that's so worth living for?"

Since the viewing on Thanksgiving Sunday,  I have come to the labyrinth almost daily this week, with this is the question rising to my mind every time. Not because I am depressed or feeling like there is nothing to live for, but because I have so much to be grateful for in my life and this question has helped me come back to the simple unversal truths of myself- to be thankful for the things that I feel are worth living for.

Socrates said "an unexamined life is not worth living" and I think people everywhere, in all facets of socio-economic circumstance, are searching for their own unversal truth- what is it they have that's worth living for. So I invite you to think about that... and if you are looking for a way to do some critical thinking about it, consider joining me on the labyrinth sometime or in lectio divina following centering prayer. And of course, it is only you wish.