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The author of this pithy piece is Rumi, a 13th Century poet, theologian and Sufi mystic. I enjoy his writings, except when I find them just a little bit too optimistic. But the story we’re going to reflect on this Sunday offers a witness to just this affirmation. A man named Zacchaeus is looking for Jesus. The Bible tells us that Zacchaeus was short, so he climbed up a tree in order to have a better view. But the truth is he was also someone who wouldn’t be welcomed in a crowd, a rich tax collector whose wealth might have been attributed to collecting more than was owed. So perhaps he also climbed the tree to avoid being harassed or elbowed by the others who had crowded the streets to see Jesus. And then, it turns out Jesus was also looking for Zacchaeus. He spots him in the tree, calls him out and calls him down, and invites himself for dinner at Zacchaeus’ place. 
I wonder if it’s possible that indeed in our preoccupations what we’re looking for, what we think is unattainable to us is actually nearby in some form that we don’t recognize? Is not only nearby, but is luring us towards it? 
This Sunday our guest preacher is Lauren Kirkey. Lauren works at VGH, is in second year at Vancouver School of Theology studying to become a minister, and is an out trans woman who loves her partner of 12 years, horseback riding and theatre. I’m looking forward to hearing her reflection on our friend Zacchaeus and his encounter with our other friend - Jesus!
After worship Lauren will take part in a Zoom gathering for a casual time of information and questions and answers regarding the topic of trans identity. The congregation said you want to learn more about this - so here you go!!
Please click here to register.   for the Zoom gathering.
See you Sunday. 

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