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The other day a friend sent me this meme via Facebook. He’s a dear friend, a relative actually, and one of the many atheists in my life. I know it was meant to be received with humour and affection, but I couldn’t help get a bit hooked. The joke reminded me of our Bible passage for worship this Sunday. Satan essentially dares Jesus to prove that he is the Son of God. ‘If you’re the Son of God, then do this trick. If you’re the Son of God, then take this risk…’ As I read the Facebook post it felt like I was hearing, “If you’re really a Christian, then tell me how to turn water into wine.” I felt like I should know just how to do that!! (And indeed wish I could!) I was tempted to feel like I wasn’t a good Christian because I couldn’t actually quickly find the passage. If…then…

How many times, and how many ways are we tempted to prove ourselves good enough, smart enough, financially comfortable enough? How many times are we tempted to rely on our own strengths and quite simply forget to place our trust in God? If you are a Christian, then trust in God. Man, that’s a double dare if I’ve ever heard one. Is it something we’re up for?

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