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Greetings from the Minister Search Committee. There have been a couple of changes to the composition of the search committee. Deb Bowman will be stepping in for Shauna and Joe Catlin has also graciously accepted an invitation to work with the group.  Mary Yan, Sheila Fee, Kane Schutz, and Wendy Harris continue.   By now there are a number of you who will have been approached by one or more of the committee members to share your thoughts on your experience at Lynn Valley United Church. Mary Yan and Joe Catlin are developing a survey for members and adherents to complete. We are hoping to release this before the end of September. Your voice is needed to create a profile that is representative of the full Community of Faith. In addition to the survey you can also share your faith experience with one of the community members to have it represented in the profile. You can do this through contacting one of us directly or you can email Wendy at [email protected] We are also planning a variety of ways to reach out to those who would rather share their perspectives in a conversation. We have also reached out to a few of our young families who are working hard to manage the day to day considerations of parenting during a pandemic. We realize that their time is precious and are working on strategies to ensure that their voice is a major part of this selection process. The committee is meeting every other Thursday and the Community of Faith Profile is becoming fulsome by the day. We are confident that the Community of Faith Profile will be ready for submission to the ChurchHub for November 2nd, 2020. The committee would like to Thank You for your continued support, involvement and feedback in this important work for our community as we bring together our faith, our hearts and our minds to be followers of Christ to make a difference in God’s world.

Wendy Harris (Committee Chair)  

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