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Sometimes it’s uncanny how the Sunday Scripture aligns with what’s happening in the life of the congregation. This Sunday’s Bible reading is about Jesus sending his disciples out to begin a new ministry. He counsels them to leave behind whatever might hold back their ability to spread the good news of the nearness of God’s kin-dom. To drop whatever past practices would limit their capacity and the capacity of those they encounter to grow in faith and in relationship with God.

In the life of the congregation this Sunday, everything starts in a new way. Covid restrictions will have ended, although we are advised to remain careful. Debra’s ministry with us is ending as Rev. Franklyn James begins. With the ending of restrictions and the beginning of a new pastoral relationship, it’s time to hit the road, living out your mission: “To engage people to be followers of Christ to make a difference in God’s world.”

As you start up again, perhaps rather than defaulting to doing everything the way you used to do it, you may want to consider what is really needed, and what can be left behind. Where have you seen new ways that the Spirit wants to engage you?  In my time here I have seen the many gifts this congregation has to serve God through serving your community. I have seen the many ways in which you seek to deepen your faith and widen your circle. I offer you many blessings, and a reminder that the goodness of God is with you every step of the way. 

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