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This was a very hard week for me, full of anxiety, disappointment, loss, and the knowledge that next week will only be far worse. Friday crept up on me from behind, tapped me on the shoulder and all of a sudden I found myself setting up for FNL. The weather was horrid, and with one of my favourite performers getting ready, it looked like it might only be the FNL production team showing up. 

With my new found realization of what FNL meant to me, I started to let go of the worries of the week. Chatting with Shawn before the show I got the feeling that he was looking forward to the evening and this time Kohei was with him too (last time he just joined in on one song for fun). Then a few friends showed up and I started to was going to be more intimate but we had enough people to make the experience work. 

Shawn and Kohei were exactly what I needed tonight. Acoustic guitars and smooth voices singing songs that reach out and draw you was special. I'm listening to his CD now "...where do you go when your lonely, where do you go when your blue, where do you go when your lonely, I'll follow you when the stars go blue..." What Shawn and Kohei have done for me is make me realize that our new Labyrinth is a 'Thin Space'. 

Thin Spaces have been described as places where Heaven and Earth are closer. Gambier Island was the first time I heard about Thin Spaces and I would love to go back and experience more. Tofino is most definitely a Thin Space for me and my family. It is the center of our year where we go to let go of the hectic pace of our lives and let the unending sound of the waves wash over us, preparing us for the new year (our year ends on Labour Day in Tofino). 

Thin Spaces are a where you can start to see the world in a new light, and that is what Shawn has done for me. His story of how music has changed his life, really how it has saved his life, is so powerful and full of hope. Then to surround that story with the sounds of that same music that saved him, well, I can't help but see my circumstances in a new light. 

This is my experience...there are no correct ways to walk a Labyrinth or experience FNL...all are welcome.