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“As a Volunteer Team, we seek to offer the fullness of hospitality and welcome, This is enacted through a warm, genuine Christlike presence, words of care, compassion and support, and through tangible acts of service to each newcomer, visitor, church member as well as those coming into the church for community booked events.”
Lynn Valley United offers overt hospitality and welcome, tying Mission to mandate, embracing every opportunity to engage people to be followers of Christ to make a difference in God's world...
The Hospitality Team has been journeying towards defining needs while deepening and solidifying the skillset of Lynn Valley United's volunteers - those supporting Sunday Service, those serving on visioning or organizational teams, those providing pastoral care and outreach, and those supporting community groups using the church.
This means:
  • looking at the purpose of each team as it seeks to live out and embody the church's mission and values.
  • exploring what passions, call and spirit given gifts are needed within each team in order to fulfil its purpose so that each member strengthens and works cohesively towards the goals the team.
  • exploring what training may be required while also seeking opportunities for all volunteers in general to acquire and add to the skills they have. This allows for people to be confident in their role and frees volunteers to be present to others in order to be actively hospitable.
  • looking beyond Sunday Worship and church programs/activities to broadly interact with and support external community rentals to ensure their experience of LVUC is the best possible and one that is memorable and positive.
The Worship experience for vounteers at Lynn Valley United is a good illustration of how this growing church community needs to enfold new volunteers into the current compliment of volunteers, some of whom are performing double, triple and in some instances, quadruple duties. The hope is to get to a place where there are enough volunteers that everyone gets a chance to come to church to participate fully in worship such that:
The greeters welcome everyone and then sit to worship.
The ushers help with seating and then worship.
Readings are done by one person and then they get to be in worship
The people taking the offering have just that one job .
The sound person is not asked to get chairs out when newcomers arrive because they need to focus on their role in worship.
You get the point... balancing the workload while ensuring everyone has an opportunity to encounter a positive, meaningful experience of worship is an important- but easily achievable- goal.
Sooooooo with all that said... here is where YOU come in.
When you are ready to volunteer in any capacity- be it for Sunday service support, team involvement or extra hands for a special event- please talk to me or the team leader (if you know who it is) and let’s start the journey to discern your call, passions, gifts, interests and availability to fit you to the right task/ role/ team based on what is needed and where.
Add your talent, strength and gifts to create a fuller, deeper, more engaged community that is more effective together... because together is Kingdom! Email myself, Bruce, at [email protected] to take the next step.