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What is Art?

Does it have to be beautiful to be art?  What is beauty?  Is beauty perfection?  Then what is perfection?

Art is something that creates an internal response. It is something that takes the observer to a different place because of the interaction with the piece of art. It may be beautiful because it is symmetrically perfect. It may be beautiful because it has captured nature at its best. It may be beautiful because it pulls at your heartstrings. It may not be beautiful at all. And it is still art.

Religion and the Arts have a relationship as long as human history. Stories and paintings on cave walls depict early civilization’s desire to record and understand their journey.

Our Bible is a collection of stories about a people learning about their faith and trying to understand their God. Art throughout the ages has played a part in religious experiences.

This heart is an exploration of beauty and pain.  It asks “What is beauty?”  It also asks “Why do we have to have  pain?”  Each person will have a different experience in looking at this piece of art. It will take each person to a different place. God may be there in that experience - in the beauty or in the pain.

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