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The momentum is building with only 4 months to go until the congregation votes on becoming an officially designated Affirming congregation of the United Church. 

A foundational and prerequisite piece of work on our journey t is an inclusive marriage policy. The requirement of Affirm United is that policy must explicitly state that couples of all gender combinations are treated equitably.
The LVUC affirming ministry committee with the full support of the board has drafted the following inclusive marriage policy for ratification by the congregation at the June AGM. 
Proposed Marriage Policy
At Lynn Valley United Church we believe that all people are included in God’s divine plan, and are part of God’s gift of diversity in humanity.  Lynn Valley United Church affirms the right of all people of any sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression to be married. 
Our marriage policy is defined as the lawful union of two people.
We at LVUC believe that everyone who wants to have God’s blessing on their union is welcome to be married in our church. 
Weddings at LVUC are under the auspices of the United Church of Canada, and the Province of British Columbia as the licensing body.  We believe that weddings are a religious ceremony, and it is our understanding that God is involved in this ceremony in the commitment and covenant that you make, recognizing that there are many different ways of understanding God.

Marriage is also a legal matter, coming under Provincial Law.  Sanction to marry is given by the issuing of a Marriage License, which will need to be provided to the Church in advance of the ceremony.

As always the members of the Affirming Ministry Committee welcome your feedback and support as we work together with you to truly make a difference in Gods World. Please contact us: [email protected] 

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