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“Nevertheless she persisted” became a popular phrase when Elizabeth Warren was hammering home her points in the American house of governance. But the origin of the phrase could be said to date back to the time of Jesus. Or even further back, it’s as old as the nature of God. This Sunday our guest preacher, Rev. Dr. Elisabeth Jones, will explore the parable of the persistent widow.

It starts off seeming like such an easy story to understand, the widow tenaciously insists on her rights until the unjust judge gives in. ‘Pray persistently’ is the superficial takeaway. But that makes no sense when you think about it. Is God an unjust judge? What about those who pray persistently and faithfully but life, and death, still hammers away at them? Elisabeth was at seminary with Deb Bowman, went on to be a professor in seminaries, and is now in ministry at Cedar Park United Church.

See you Sunday at 10:30 am

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