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Greetings from the Minister Search Committee! I'm Wendy Harris, and am proud to chair the search committee for our new minister.  I am pleased to introduce to you a keen and committed group of congregation members who, along with myself, will are embarking on the journey to identify and hire our new 'permanent' minister. The search committee members are: Shauna Grinke, Mary Yan, Sheila Fee, Kane Schutz, Andrew Campbell.  The team has representation from several LVUC teams as well as the M&P Committee and the Board of Governance and has a depth of skills including human resources experience and experience in previous ministry selection. Over the next 10 months the committee will be working on behalf of the Board of Governance to prepare for and conduct the search for our new LVUC Minister. 

Over that time, we look forward to meeting with you in numerous ways to gain your perspective! Your involvement will be an important step in building our LVUC Community of Faith Profile which is the story that will call the new minister to our congregation. The more accurate and informed the profile, the more clear the call. That is our most sincere desire.

Regional Council has appointed Marc Coulombe as our liaison to this process for oversight and support. An important part of Marc’s role is to provide training to the committee guided by the United Church of Canada’s Pastoral Relations Policy for The Community of Faith; Guidelines for Developing the Community of Faith Profile and; Guidelines for the Search and Selection Process. Over the next two and half months you can expect to hear from committee members who will be seeking your stories, thoughts and experience as a congregation member to accurately document a representation of our needs as a Community of Faith.

Now that you know who we are we welcome your feedback and will be sharing out the best ways for you to provide that to us! The committee met for initial training with Marc in July with a subsequent meeting in early August and now has a set timeline for its work together.  The committee will meet every two weeks and will provide a regular summary of where we are in the process.  The first goal is to have the Community of Faith Profile ready for submission to ChurchHub for November 2nd, 2020 where it can be seen by ministry who are seeking their next call. The next goal is to will begin candidate selection for interviews followed by conducting interviews and ultimately selecting our new minister.  A realistic projection to have a new minister take the pulpit would be for July 1, 2021.  An earlier appointment could happen depending on all the variables.

On behalf of the committee, thank you in advance for your support and involvement in this important work for our community as we bring together our faith, our hearts and our minds to be followers of Christ to make a difference in God’s world.  

Wendy Harris-Spence, Chair, Minister Search Committee 2020-2021


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