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More Alike Than Not

I remember discussing childhood with a friend of mine who grew up in England. She said that when she was a child in school, all the kids looked alike. They all looked like her, with pale skin, freckles, and light brown hair. When she moved to North America, she noticed that everyone looked so different. There were all different colors of skin, different colors, and textures of hair, and different facial shapes. They were all the same age but from the outside, they looked different and she was used to everyone looking the same.

Sometimes we think that what we look like on the outside is what we have in common.  Sometimes people think that all Christians are alike. Sometimes people think that Christians and the Queer Community don’t mix. In the Lenten Series, Queer Virtue, we are being given the opportunity to realize that Christians and the Queer Community have many similarities.

The Queer Community is very diverse and welcoming in its diversity. The Queer Community does not embrace binary viewpoints but loves the shades of grey. The Queer Community is learning to hold its head up and publicly, with Pride, celebrate who they are. The QueerCommunity invites us to understand and welcome the richness of the gifts they have to offer.

Jesus blew the doors off the religious righteous of the day by associating with those considered outcasts, the sick, the tax collectors, women, and children. Jesus defied the binary of life and death to show that there is life after death. He also showed how to live life with love and abundance.  The Queer Community has had to live in the shadows, but with the Pride movement, are starting to take their rightful place with equal rights in the workplace, the courts, and at the alter.

The Christian Community started off hiding out, being persecuted for their beliefs by their friends, families, former religious leaders, and state officials. Over the centuries Christianity has morphed into something that often Christ would hardly recognize. Those of us who follow the original teachings of Jesus, love, and acceptance for all, are often scared or embarrassed to publicly declare our religious fervour. We are worried about being lumped in with the religious right-wing folks whose beliefs do not align with our own.

Here the Queer Community can lend a hand, teach us how to step forward, with Pride, to claim our identity and change the face of Christianity for the better.  The Queer Community and the teachings of Jesus are so aligned with one another. Love is a gift for us all. No restrictions. No limitations. Unconditional love just for the taking.  We are in the process of becoming an Affirming Congregation to ensure that the Queer
Community knows that they are welcome to be a part of our Christian Community. We have already been blessed with new members who have enriched our lives with their deep spirituality, incredible faith, and amazing questions.

By stating that we are an Affirming Congregation, we will be opening the doors to more wisdom, more love, more joy, and more spiritual friendships.

What a blessing.

Please join us on Sunday, March 14 as we celebrate PIE Day with Pam Rocker. First for Worship at 10:30 and then join in on the Zoom call at 11:30 where you will have the opportunity to have a conversation with Pam herself!!!

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The final treat of the day is looking forward to hearing from the Search Committee about the
candidate for Minister at 1:00.  Please click here to register.

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Kelly Jenner about 1 month ago

I love the correlation between The queer community claiming the rainbow as the symbol of inclusivity and the Christian community claiming the rainbow as they symbol of God’s grace and love for all- inclusivity, grace and compassionate love mean everything to me!

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