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This message was given to LVUC on February 12, 2023 during the morning service.

Hello my name is Joseph Catlin, the chair of the Board of Governance here at LVUC. I am happy to announce that Kathy Davies our Regional Minister has this week confirmed the two members from the region who will sit on the LVUC transition team. They are Rev Graham Brownmiller from Jubilee United and Rev Carla Wilks from Mount Seymour United. Graham will act in the role of pastoral charge supervisor until a new lead minister can be hired. They along with Roger Eastwood, Neil Jorgenson and Mary Yan make up the LVUC transition team. Thank you to those who are serving on this team. Kathy Davis will be setting up an orientation with the team to start their work. Look for more information this week on the web page News & Stories and in E-news about the transition team and how it fits in with the interim ministry process.

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