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After Easter, LVUC starts a new program to support our local shelter for the homeless run by the Lookout Housing and Health Society. Once a month a bin will appear, be filled with useful gifts (personal hygiene items especially) by you, then will be picked up and delivered to the Lookout Shelter at 705 W.2d St. North Vancouver. This project is a collaboration of North Shore Churches and is led by St. David’s United Church in West Vancouver.

There is a long list of welcome items listed on the Shelter website and below.  If you would rather donate money, you can do so by cheque payable to Lookout Housing and Health Society (noted for North Shore shelter), or online at   The bin will be put out after Easter and first pick up is scheduled for April 19. This is an ongoing monthly project so if you miss it this time around, you will have another chance.   Read more about this project here (Lookout Housing & Health Society)

Judith Clark LVUC Social Justice Team  

Donation items for Lookout Shelter North Vancouver

For Personal Care Kits

  •          Tote bags
  •          Toothbrush
  •          Lip balm
  •          Comb
  •          Shaving Kit
  •          Shampoo
  •          Toothpaste
  •          Kleenex
  •          Toque
  •          Facecloth
  •          Deodorant
  •          Soap bar
  •          Cosmetics
  •          Gloves

 Always Needed:

  •          Underwear, socks and pj’s
  •          Hats, gloves, sunglasses
  •          Waterproof ponchos
  •          Bus tickets
  •          Bed sheets-single/twin
  •          Large towels in good condition
  •          Backpacks, reusable bags
  •          Razors, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash
  •          Lip balm
  •          Sunscreen
  •          Feminine hygiene products
  •          Small denomination gift cards

Warm Weather Needs:

  •          Microfiber cooling Towel/wash cloth
  •          Disposable body wipes
  •          Deodorant
  •          Sunscreen
  •          Sunglasses
  •          Small pack Hats/baseball hats (neutral colours)
  •          Bandana (neutral colours)
  •          Aloe Vera Gel
  •          Bug Spray
  •          Bottle of Water
  •          Spray Bottle/misting bottle
  •          Electrolyte packs
  •          Granola bars/nonperishable food item
  •          Freezies (heavy demand from drop-ins to cool down quickly)

Read more about this project here (Lookout Housing & Health Society

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