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This weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying 4 children connected to the LVUC community to Children’s retreat. This was such a beautiful way to be in ministry and community with them. The five of us engaged in spiritual practices, worship, community games, vespers and movie night! Our cabin won the prize for most decorated door in the history of Children’s retreat. George really enjoyed the nature walks and the lead skit at campfire. Ollie loved the labyrinth rug in the sacred space, and enjoyed being in a community where he was allowed to be just as he is. Issac made a number of new friends  and enjoyed the organized games and Maya told me every 30 minutes how much fun she was having, and now has a “ five year plan” to come back every year she is allowed and THEN as a youth leader! I can’t wait to see what the next Children’s retreat holds!

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Marilyn Mann Marilyn Mann about 1 year ago

This warms my heart to know that Jorden was able to accompany those 4 children to engage with , be part of and to be touched and inspired by the experiences at Childrens Retreat. George and Maya let us know at worship the Sunday after they returned, that they had a really amazing time . So encouraging that we are able to build discipleship in young people through the wider UCC, as well as here at LVUC. Thank you, Jorden.

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