Oh, to belong to a choir, to join together in song with a group of like-minded friends and fill a room with melody!
It was a spacious room with a large black piano standing regally right in the centre, to which I was being beckoned by Frank, our Music Director.  I could choose "Happy Birthday" or "O, Canada"....with the glass, soundproof doors closed firmly behind me, thankfully.  I mean, what if someone actually heard me?  Eeeps!
Relieved, I soon realized that this was not an audition, rather an opportunity for Frank to discern as to which section I belong.  I am a soprano.  Doesn't that sound grand?  Of course, to be an alto or a tenor or a bass would feel equally as grand, but, Hey… I belong to the sopranos!
Thursday evening rehearsals became, and still remain, a joy to anticipate. At the first practice, we are each given our own binder full of music - all the pieces we will be singing during the season.  At first blush, they look pretty challenging, and we plough through the sections for soprano, alto, tenor and bass.  We practice at home, singing in the shower or the car, or accompanying the vacuum cleaner.  We learn our notes, we see how the different parts fit together, and we pay attention to the poetry created by the lyrics.  We listen to each other and, over the weeks, our voices harmonize, the dynamics form, and everything comes together into a beautiful, living entity.  We are no longer in our bodies; we have become the song.  Our physical bodies are merely a channel for the music to pass through and into the ears of whomever may come to listen.
Then, after hugs all around, we pack up our binders, fold our blue LVV scarves and ties, make a pot of tea or pour a little wine together, and look forward to our next practice or concert or, in special cases, our next performance with the PuSH Festival.
Belonging to Lynn Valley Voices is an experience.  With us,you will love singing, laughing, being a little goofy sometimes, all with the shared aim of filling rooms and hearts with music.

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