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Guatemala pilgrimage
The Land of the Mayan People
March 24 - April 4/2023
Lynn Valley United Church

Travel with an group from Lynn Valley United Church to connect with fellow pilgrims, with spirituality, and with
the people of this beautiful country.  You are about to embark on a journey to an incredible country, a mystical land full of beauty and struggle.

You’ll discover the Highlands of Guatemala, at 5000 feet elevation and above, where the climate will be temperate, sub-tropical areas around the lake, and mountainous regions around Quezaltenango. We’ll meet inspiring people, visiting Guatemalans in their homes, and learn how culture is lived out and formed with family as the centre. You’ll learn about Mayan culture, traditions and spirituality. You will be in Guatemala in the days leading up to Easter and will enjoy the processions and devotion the people have by creating alfombras (carpets made of flowers), you’ll be in Chichi-castenango for Palm Sunday.

You’ll see beautiful places in nature: a nature reserve, an organic farm, rolling green hills growing corn, beans and squash. We’ll spend a day with the children at the school in a small mountain Mayan community called Chwitziribal bringing them some joy. You’ll visit with weavers watching their ancient techniques form tapestries, and see the wonder of the colour in the markets. Visit an ancient Mayan City Site, drink coffee or hot chocolate under a volcano, wander the market in

Chichicastenango, and soak in a volcanic hot spring. You’ll meet inspiring people and visit projects working to better Guatemalan Society and address basic human needs. Youll learn about the history of Guatemala and the effects of the 36 year civil war (1960-1996) with a visit to a genocide memorial in the small highland town of Zacualpa. Be guided by and meet Guatemalans listening to their stories and struggles.

Build community while travelling with a group of great people, visiting some of the most beautiful places in Guatemala.

Your registration fee covers: all inclusive in-country costs (accommodation, all meals, transport in country, translation, guides, donations to groups we visit, entrance fees). Does not include airfare from Vancouver to Guatemala, immunizations, passport, extra beverages. Travel with your covid vaccination documentation is required.

Register online at:

Leadership: Julio Cochoy, Doris Kizinna, Eduardo Elias & Eric Hamlyn. Doris has been coordinating travel groups to Guatemala, Thailand, Bali, Mexico, Cuba and India for the past 22 years and is the founder of World Pilgrim.

Julio Cochoy is co-leading this tour and is Maya-Quiche from Santa Lucia Utitlan in Guatemala. He is a human rights activist and 20 years ago started a healing process for his community in gathering the historical record of the atrocities that happened there during the Geno-
cide. Rev. Eric will accompany the tour as the Chaplain and help with

pre-trip group building. Eduardo Elias is our wonderful translator and friend who will accompany us for part of the journey.  We are looking forward to sharing more about this beautiful country and culture with you!

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