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Life is complicated... busy... stressful... oversheduled... underfinanced... How is it that I can find time for one more thing at the end of the week?

It is actually very simple- especially when that one thing gives  balance to my life.

Being a volunteer for Friday Night Live rarely feels like "work" because I get so much joy from the experience. Looking forward to it gets me through the to-do lists that come with maintaining work, home, family, and friendships.

Friday Night Live is not the same as going to a club or concert. It is an intimate venue with an opportunity to mingle with the artist(s) over a cup of tea or slice of pizza (THANKS Boston Pizza!), an opportunity to build community through sharing stories, an opportunity to listen deeply during a hosted interview that intentionally connects participants with the guest performer so that their voice, inspiration and humanity shines. 

I am compelled to pay closer attention to the "why" that drives performing artists to embark on a journey of creative expression shared at Friday Night Live, challenged to listen to inspiring, and sometimes heart-rending, truths and to regularly come to this beautiful place to lay it all down and just let myself be carried by the moment.

You are invited... every Friday... somthing different every time... 


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(photo credit: Mike Wakefield)





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