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Chris is a ministry practitioner committed to a holistic kingdom approach to ministry, integrating faith, justice, and compassion in contextualized, incarnational ways. He has decades of experience working in the areas of church renewal, new ministry, migrant church development, and discipleship/faith formation.

Thriving in challenges he is familiar with leading startups/new initiatives and brings passion, innovation, people skills, and sound strategy to help them grow. As a kingdom strategist, he believes that the future expansion of the Church is directly linked to how well we equip, empower and mobilize the body of Christ to be the Church in the world.  Chris is the Director of the Congregational Vitality Initiative, a new project of the Vancouver School of Theology.

He grew up in a multi-religious and multi-ethic context among communities fractured along these lines. Chris is an immigrant from Sri Lanka and volunteers in a  number of initiatives. He is a trainer in cross-cultural competencies and multi-faith awareness and is a keen observer of people's movements. Chris finds recreation in music, woodworking, home renovations, and outdoor activities.

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