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We have discussed in previous articles that being an Affirming Congregation is more than just being nice and friendly. It is more than just being welcoming. It is about recognizing that we are incomplete.

When we look around on a Sunday morning, do we look like the streets of anywhere else in North Vancouver? Do we look like the malls, of the halls of our schools, of the aisles of the library, of the seats in the pubs, the grounds of the schoolyard?

We want to reach out and we want to show that we are inclusive. How should we do that without smothering someone who dares step through our doors? How do we get to know our new friends but give them the space to make their own choices about joining in?

This Sunday we have a marvelous opportunity to hear from Giselle Clarke-Trenaman. Giselle is a lovely, lively woman whom I have come to know through her work at Presentation House Theatre. She is going to speak in Worship about Black History to give us a better understanding about welcoming Franklyn into our congregation and then she will join us in what will be a lively chatty Zoom call.

The lessons we learn from Giselle may well help us to learn how to be welcoming for folks who have so often been hurt or sidelined or accepted but not quite fully into Christ’s church family.  Our scripture this week very plainly states that we are all equal in Christ’s family. Let us open our hearts and minds to listen and learn how to make that a reality for all who enter our doors.

To Join the Conversation with Giselle, click here!

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