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I’ve been following a friend on Facebook these past six months.  It’s where I’ve been getting most of my “gossip” about what’s been happening south of the border.  I knew her as United Church ministry student at Knox in Calgary, and now she serves in ministry in the crowsnest pass.  Everyday, I get a post from her feed that tells me that a crime has been committed, a lie has been told, a bonehead has been appointed to a key leadership position; all of it stirring up an internal sadness that I can do nothing about. I feel some frustration. I feel confused. And I wonder where it will all lead.  And of course, all of this energy within me, feeds the universal energy that is giving more energy and more power to the situation.  Posting that stuff, and reading that stuff doesn’t change anything, it just gives it more power.  And I end up feeling lousy.  

So what if I change the narrative?  My beautiful friends at Waves Bible Study asked me that question.  What if we simply talked about the world we want to live in, rather than the world that gets portrayed in the posts and in the news that pour out a day to day barrage of everything that is inconsistent with the kingdom of God.  Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I’m suggesting that we turn a blind eye to those things that are inconsistent with the kingdom of God.  And what’s happening, this perpetuation of racism and militant white supremacy is completely inconsistent with God’s kingdom.  Make no mistake – this is not what God has in mind.  It’s just that two things are true.  I can’t do anything about it as a Canadian.  I simply can’t.  The second thing I’ve already said, lifting up the negativity only gives it more energy.  

Change the narrative.  Change the story about what is true in God’s world; God’s kingdom that is both coming and already here.