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Candidates for Board - 2021 - 2023

At our Annual General Meeting of the Lynn Valley United Community of Faith, we will appoint or elect our Board of Governance for 2021 - 2023. For the past two years, the Board has been developing an approach to succession planning for this leadership group, such that there is knowledge transfer and strong and accountable governance provided to the organization. 

This year, we will be looking to fill four Board vacancies.  Len Grinke, Victoria Mah, and Leslie Hemming will continue in the second year of their two-year term.  Wendy Harris, Neil Fancourt, and Joe Catlin's terms will end June 30th, 2021, and they each are wishing to be considered for the 2021 - 2023 term.  We are thrilled that these three individuals are interested in continuing, as we feel this will provide strong knowledge transfer, and support for Rev. Franklyn James, as he moves into his new role. Additionally, long-term congregation member Kelly Jenner has expressed her interest in being elected to the Board.  The nominating committee feels that her long tenure and gifts would round out the skills of the board well.   

Over the past several weeks, the nominating committee of Myrna Pearce and Shauna Grinke asked for an expression of interest from the congregation in being considered for Board roles.  We know that not everyone is called to leadership in Board governance.  We know that all have gifts that can be used in many volunteer activities at the church, and we looked for individuals who were called to leadership who have these specific gifts:  

1.  Engaged in their own curious exploration of what it means to be a follower of Christ

2.  Capacity for holding different points of view with grace and compassion

3.  Ability to call people back to how we are being with one another – how we are being kin-dom people in group process

4.  Chops in policy governance.  Have experience on other non-profit Boards

5.  Self Awareness.  The capacity to be in creative conflict.  Deeply invested in the health of the Board’s functioning

6. Financial acumen – understands the principles of management accounting 

At the AGM we will call for other expressions of interest in the Board.  Should more names come forward, there will be an election for the four vacant positions.  

Please do reach out to any of these Board nominees prior to the AGM.  Please do let Myrna Pearce or Shauna Grinke know if you have any questions about the process.  


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