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The celebration of May as Asian Heritage Month begins this week.  Officially recognized in Canada since 2002, this is a time to prayerfully reflect on the contributions of Asian Canadians to Canadian society.

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Make A Stand - Stop Violence against Asians

As we celebrate Asian Heritage Month, the time is now to collectively make a stand against anti-Asian racism which is on an unacceptable rise in this country.

While some of the highest-profile recent attacks occurred south of the border, Canada has also seen a massive increase in violence here at home with Vancouver police documenting a significant jump in anti-Asian hate crimes in the past year.  This is Canada - how is this happening today?  The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a spike in hate crimes and violence against people of Asian descent around the world, with a recent outpouring of grief and outrage over the assault of an elderly Asian woman in New York City while a security guard stood by, as well as a mass shooting in Atlanta.

Teaching Tolerance recommends a four-step process for speaking up against bias:  Interrupt, Question, Educate and Echo.  Read How to Respond to Coronavirus Racism an article from Learning for Justice.

Make a choice, speak up, and make a difference.

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Mary Yan about 1 month ago

If you are interested in learning how to respond to anti-Asian behaviours that you encounter or witness, check out the website of "hollaback!" They have a one-hour video for Bystander Intervention Training. Choose the level(s) of intervention you feel comfortable offering.

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