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Thank you for your interest in the listening sessions; 42 members of the congregation participated, a very good turn out.

The Team will be refining the information we received (all 51 pages of it!) over the next few weeks and will present a preliminary report after the service on June 25th, the last Sunday in June.

Our report to the Board will be used to frame the work of the Transition Team over the next two years. More information will be available in the fall after we have had time to throughly exam the data.

We remind you that the transition work is a 2 year process. The transitional Minister is appointed for a two year term and will not be able to fulfil all the hopes and expectations that we have heard in the listening sessions. Her job is to help us
change ourselves. At the end of the 2 year term we will decide what we want in a new long term minister.

At that time Rev. Karen Millard will be able to apply for the job if she wishes to do so.  

We want to acknowledge Revs. Ross and Eric, Moana, Frank, Niki and the many volunteers who have continued to provide ministry through the past number of months.  And we want to remind you that this transition work does not belong to the staff, transition team, or the transitional minister, it belongs to all of us.  So we encourage you to participate in the programs and sessions that we offer over the next while.


Veronica Winchester 3 months ago

The listening sessions had all the right questions for me to focus on. I require a written statement of what was stated at the June 25 meeting. It is hard to retain all that was presented and it is important to me. Thank you

Joseph Catlin 3 months ago

I have been asked what was said at the meeting all ready by someone not in attendance. Communication has been an issue as far as I am concerned. It would be helpful to have a copy of what was said available to review and to share with those not in attendance. I suggest this be the process for all reports to the church. Thanks for you labour on this team.

Roger Eastwood 2 months ago

The presentation from June 25th is now available for members to view. You will need to sign in and access the Transition Teams page to find a downloadable document. Please contact the Transition Team members or the church office for any assistance you may require.

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