Life, Right?

Life, Right?

The continuing podcast series!

We developed Life, Right? in 2015, as a new podcast series, presented by Lynn Valley United Church, and supported by a generous grant from the United Church of Canada. It was such a success in 2015, that we're continuing our work in 2016.

On Life, Right?  you will hear conversations with ordinary people talking about the things that all of us think about, but often don't talk about.  Exploring identity.  Reflecting on different perspectives of 'what God is'.  Our perspective on death.  The conversations are intriguing, authentic, and real.  They will get you thinking about your perspective.  And, we believe, will inspire you in your own conversations and reflection. 

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Life is lived, not in a past remembered or a future imagined - but in the present moment.  Reflecting on and exploring issues that we all think about really is ..... Life.  Right? 

As we recievied funding from the United Church of Canada to undertake the Life, Right? podcast project, we  submitted a final report last year.  You can review  the final report below. 

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