Quite a Choir Party!

The  Lynn Valley United Church Choir has been offering a gift of music every Sunday since the formation of the United Church in 1929.  In the present building (1959), the choir has shared more than 100 Easter and Christmas Cantatas, prepared close to 2,100 anthems and countless additional pieces, solos and ensemble work, all under the careful and caring guidance of just over a dozen choir directors, two of whom were also the church organist!
Choirs are a special group of people.  They work together in a way that is magical to produce an experience that goes beyond words.  A choir is a choir because its members are working together towards a common purpose- harmony.
For the past 5 years, there has been a huge shift in the role of the choir in "what Worship looks like" at LVUC- first by getting rid of the choir robes, then by getting rid of the choir loft.
This year, is the biggest change of all- changing the format of the choir altogether.
The choir, with past and current members in attendance, celebrated the year of music at LVUC and said farewell to the "Lynn Valley United Church Choir" as it has been.

In the fall, we begin a new adventure in developing 2 new community choirs, and dream of a bright new future where the community is able to sing out strong!