Acting for Social Justice

There are so many places in our community and around the world that seem to be shadowed in grief and darkness that it can feel a little overwhelming at times. Rather than despair, we are called upon to do what we can, each according to our own passion and gifts, to be the light in the world. Of the many things that need a light shone upon them, here are a few (from United Church of Canada) to inspire you to action:

Fundraiser for the Chwitziribal School Project (one of the places the mission trip to Guatemala will visit next spring) is the sale of environmentally ethical, fair-trade, organic coffee- beans or ground- through the summer. Your choice of dark or medium roast. The church will be serving this amazing coffee during the pre & post worship social hour so you can try before you buy. 15% of $15 pricetag goes directly to the school. See how good goodness tastes! Use the order form below.

Wondering how election turmoil (8 weeks in!) in BC impacts the development of Poverty Reduction Plan for BC (currently the only province in the nation without one!) Join the call to end poverty now and start the networking needed to implement serious change at BC Poverty Reduction. Or join the national conversation on Facebook to bringing attention to and sharing information about poverty in Canada. 

Send prayers, or go a step further and send letters of concern, to politicians currently sitting in hearings regarding bill C-16 (protection of transgender people). Find out more here.


On Wednesday, May 10, leaders from across the country gathered in person and via the web for 'A National Thought Table on Reconciliation' continuing a dialouge of reconciliation moderated by Candy Palmater. This initiative was hosted by Reconciliation Canada, in collaboration with Community Foundations of Canada and The Circle on Philanthropy & Aboriginal Peoples in Canada.

Watch the recording now.


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YES! I want to order some coffee

I would like to order coffee to support the Chwitziribal School Project and will include details on how many, whether it will be ground and whether it's dark or medium roast.