A Steinway Piano!!!

A Steinway Piano!!!

Way back 1989 there was a need and desire to purchase a Grand Piano for Lynn Valley United Church, as they wanted to start increasing the musical offerings available.  According to the organist/musician back then, Margaret Hill, there were numerous people who donated to the fundraising to purchase, as well as a dedication concert for the Yamaha Grand Piano that we see today during Worship each week.  The piano has been an integral part of the music life and worship here at LVUC.    

Over the past year the Music Team has been working on a project to support and continue the enhancement and raising up of the music and worhip life of Lynn Valley United Church.  After we moved into our brand new building in December of 2016 and the Yamaha piano was brought out of storage, we started to inquire into the cost of having work done on the piano (as was recommened by piano technician Paul Woodyard, who has been looking after the instrument for many years).   With the information he provided (the piano has a cracked sound board, is a piano built for a different climate then BC and there was no guarentee that the work would impove the instrument), including cost of having the work completed, we started to wonder if perhaps it was time to look at other options.  

Over the course of several months, and many meetings with Tom Lee Music, other piano retailers and private sellers, we were presented with a unique opportunity to acquire a Steinway & Sons Grand Piano that had a story and connection to LVUC.  In October of 2017 Roger Cole (Principle Oboist of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and congregation memeber) contacted Music Director, Frank Chu with an offer to sell his family's personal Steinway & Sons (made in 1928, still in original condition and completely original parts) at a great price.  After both Matt Grinke and Frank Chu tried out the instrument several times, had Tom Clarke (a very well respected Piano Technician who has been taking care of the instrument for over 30 years) work with the instrument,  they all recommened that the instrument be purchased.  

At this same time in early fall 2017, while James Dekker was completing his time with us, he commented on the Yamaha Grand that he really liked it and was looking for a piano for his home.  It just so happened that this was the same time that Roger Cole had contacted us about the Steinway.  The Music Team thus considered the funds possible from the sale of the Yamaha Grand Piano, the purchase price of the Steinway and work completed on the instrument, and agreed that it was an amazing opportunity that required no additional fundraising or funds towards the purchase of the Steinway and recommened that LVUC go ahead with the project.  

On behalf of the Music Team, we are pleased to announce that the Yamaha Grand Piano will be going to a wonderful new home, with pianist James Dekker and that Roger Cole's Steinway & Sons Grand Piano will be coming to its new home here at LVUC in February 2018.  

A Decommissioning ceremony of the Yamaha Grand Piano will take place on Sunday, February 4th 2018 during Worship.  The piano will then be moved to its new home the following weekend.  

A Commissionng and Dedication Service for the Steinway & Sons Grand Piano will take place during a special service on Sunday, March 4th 2018 with special music presented by Roger Cole, oboist.

If you have any stories you would like to share around the Yamaha Grand Piano, please contact Frank Chu, Music Director HERE or call the office at (604) 987-2114.