A Message from NV Council

To Lynn Valley United Church

I am very happy to be here today for this official opening and bring congratulations from the District Council on a successful conclusion to this project.

Transforming an aging church into a magnificent community facility and at the time providing affordable homes to the young, elderly and disabled is indeed a feat to be proud of.

The District has a policy of retaining and sustaining institutional use for the lon-term benefits of its residents. I think this has certainly been achieved through this development; a win-win partnership.

This project was not without its challenges- from District policy and public opinion to relocating a daycare and attention to design issues- these hurdles were overcome.

Through the dedication and hard work of the Property Redevelopment Committee, contractors, architechts and the support of the congregation, the development is now complete. I would like to applaud everyone involved and wish you continued success with your important contributions to our community.

- Robin Hicks, District of North Vancouver Councillor