Sunday Experience News


Friends Change You For Good!

Blair and Megan have blended their voices once again to offer a gift of muisc for worship on Sunday... so enjoy this rendition of "For Good" from the hit Broadway musical "Wicked."  Read More  

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Amazing Staff!

The staff at LVUC are multi-talented- and proof is in the singing! Michael, Blair, Christina, Mary and Kelly sing Amazing Grace with Matt playing the piano as a gift of music to prepare the congregation for prayer... Read More  

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Season of Prayer finishes in "Gratitude"

Last June, the Board of Governance asked the ministry team to "teach us how to be a more faith-filled, faith community" in response to the realization that it would be our individual and collective faith that will... Read More  

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Summer Singing

Last Sunday, a few of the altos from LVUC gathered to make a joyful noise... and you can see it here! Next Sunday (Aug 26) - Blair wraps up the "Summer Sermon Series - On Being the Church" with a tribute to the... Read More  

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On Being the Church - a Sermon Series

A sermon series "On Being the Church" based on the writing found in the letter to the Ephesians is unfolding during the month of August.  We're discovering what it means to be the church as we re-invent ourselves... Read More  

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Summertime, and the Music is Lovely...

If you are looking for another reason to step into the sanctuary on a Sunday, consider coming by to hear the special music!  Members, friends and family of the congregation offer their musical talents through the... Read More  

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Quite a Choir Party!

The  Lynn Valley United Church Choir has been offering a gift of music every Sunday since the formation of the United Church in 1929.  In the present building (1959), the choir has shared more than 100 Easter and... Read More  

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Did you miss the latest Reel Theology?

If you wanted to hear a sermon from the Reel Theology sermon series, given by Blair Odney on February 5th and relating to the Oscar nominated movie "the Descendants" , here it is (posted to YouTube):... Read More  

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What We Believe...

So what is it we believe?  Do we truly buy into all aspects of the story we use as our faith's "foundation" or is it possible that, as we learn more about and experience the sacred, we recognize that some of our... Read More  

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Mixed-Media Magic!

When people think of church, they rarely think of all -ages and multi- faiths gathering so that a 5 year old and a 55 year old from completely different backgrounds might both leave with their hearts and minds... Read More