Worship is the single most important activity of the week. We bring all that we are to Sunday, trusting that this is the only place where who we REALLY are is loved, embraced, accepted, welcome. Sometimes we'll be nudged in our complacency. Sometimes we'll be comforted in our sadness and pain. Sometimes we'll be accompanied in our celebration. Where we gather, Spirit joins us. 

Whoever you are, wherever you are at on the journey, please know you are welcome to join us as we Worship - every Sunday at 10:30am.


Returning to the story of Jesus' own baptism, we bypass the church's rhetoric on the meaning of baptism. The story simply says that on the banks of a muddy river in first century Palestine, Jesus waited his turn for John, the baptizer, to wash him with a baptism of fire after a time of repentance. We have no way of knowing why Jesus repented; we just know he went under the water. We also know that something about a sense of perfection compelled the voice of Spirit to say, "Behold, this is my son, the beloved, with whom I'm well pleased."

At Lynn Valley United Church, whether immersed in a pool of water or sprinkled with a few drops, the symbolism is the same. Adopted into the whole Christian community of all time and place, we believe the Spirit shows up at every baptism and says, "Behold, this is my child, the beloved, with whom I'm well pleased." When parents seek baptism for their children, we believe they are asking the church, the only visible symbol of the presence of God that they know, to acknowledge and affirm their child's divine belovedness.

We celebrate baptism throughout the year. Contact us when you would like to explore this option for yourself or for your children.


At Lynn Valley United Church, we celebrate the changing of the liturgical seasons by gathering around the table of Jesus Christ. At Christ's table we open the mystery of our community life and welcome anyone who wants to feast on the grace that comes in this act of peace-making. No one is turned away from this table - all are welcome.



When someone you love dies, the whole family experiences loss uniquely. It is a time when the big questions of life emerge - and those who are left behind, come face to face with their own mortality.We trust that in death, just as in life, the holy presence of Spirit surrounds all those involved with a special sense of peace and hope. At Lynn Valley United Church, we will walk with you as you experience this poignant, painful time. We will work with you to create an experience of worship that honours your understanding of death and celebrates life.


At Lynn Valley United Church we marvel at couples, of all kinds, who attempt to make this kind of commitment to one another. That is why, when you plan your wedding at Lynn Valley United Church, we are more than a facility. We want to support you fully in your decision, to provide you with some tools and skills that you may need to create the estate of marriage that will be uniquely your own.  When you have decided to join your partner in marriage, and want to take that step in the context of Christian community, please contact us. We'll help you on your way.


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