Setting our Next Steps Forward

The Mission Strategy of the past six years has come to an end. The Board of Governance has reveiwed our progress and made recommendations for the future.  We have occupied our new building for a little more than six months and we ask "now what?"  Now that we have this beautiful new space, what do we want to do with it?

Sunday, August 13 immediately after worship is a time (there will be more to come) for the congregation to re-consider our progress, to hear again the board's recommendations and to begin identifying our next steps in the process of our development. When vital ministry and financial sustainability are the long term goals, what will we do in the next year, in the next two years, in the next five years that will get us to where we want to go?  How will we measure the effectiveness of our ministry?  

The emerging answers to these questions will assist the Ministery Profile and Search Committee develop the long term staffing needs of Lynn Valley United Church.  Your participation is vital to the process and we look forward to your being there. 

If you have questions speak to Blair, or Shari (Chair of the MPS).  

RSVP if you can attend or not....

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