Rupture and Wild Space - A Lenten Study

Rupture and Wild Space - A Lenten Study

According to theologian Simone Weil, rupture and wildspace are two human experiences that take people out of the status quo of their everyday lives, into the timelessness of divine mystery, for the purpose of seeing the world the way it really is; gazing upon it, and finding "abudant life" in the midst of it.

In four Sunday evenings during the season of Lent, Blair will gather with those traveling to Guatemala from March 16-27 AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO PARTICIPATE, to explore these two concepts. How can rupture lead us to seeing again for the first time, the world that God has made - its beauty and its horror, so that we can practice seeing God at work in God's world.  How does the experience of wildspace, help us to be in solidarity with those who work for justice and peace.


Please let Blair know you will participate by filling in the form below. A reading list will be sent to you once you have registered.

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Please let me know which Sundays you will attend.  Full participation will enhance the experience, and full attendance is not necessary.  Please let me know which Sundays you will attend.


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