Walking the Solstice Sunset 'Soul Stroll'

Walking the Solstice Sunset 'Soul Stroll'

Today Kelly and Marilyn hosted the Solstice Sunset 'Soul Stroll' which was a great excuse to wander down to LVUC. Now I'm a big fan of the new Labyrinth but I find myself spending more time on it setting up or putting away chairs, than actually walking the Labyrinth. Tonight was a wonderful evening to go for a 'stroll' through the Labyrinth. 

As you would expect for an event at LVUC this was a great experience, making the most of our new space. The glass wall that separates the Labyrinth Room from the entrance hall allowed for people to come and go, enjoy snacks and refreshments and chat, without distrubing those already 'strolling'. The Labyrinth Room itself was simply decorated with tea-lights creating a great mood. The music was fabulous as Kelly arranged for Matt Grinke to improvise some Labyrinth walking music throughout the evening. 

Now the last element you need for a good Labyrinth walk is something weighing on your mind and I definitely had one of those big life changing opportunities that required contemplating. The experience for me this time was much more deliberate than my previous walks. I had taken the 3 day workshop back in May, so I was pretty well versed on how it works.

Walking into the center I just let me mind wander over the topic as I twisted and turned back and forth. In the center I stopped on each of the six petals and imagined a different choice I might make or a different outcome of that choice. Then as I walked out of the Labyrinth, I felt much better about any of these potential outcomes. Eventhough I'm still not sure which path I will end up taking and what the outcome might be, I'm clearer about how I want to proceed. 

This was simply my experience. There is no right or wrong way to walk a Labyrinth, all are welcome. 

If you have something weighing on your mind, you don't need to wait for the next Lunar event. Just come down to LVUC for the Labyrinth Community Drop-In on Wednesday evenings. 

Bruce Jenner
Labyrinth Facilitator - in training