Think about What you Believe...

Apr 27
by Kelly Jenner
Think about What you Believe...
Having a laugh at this interpretation of Psalm 23... (see picture)
It gave me a hearty chuckle, and then the brain kicked in with a few 'aha's and 'hmm's. 
For as long as people have had more than 2 seconds to think about the world, beyond mere survival, there has been a question of "what is the meaning of it all?"  And while there is no way on God's green earth that religion and spirituality have all of the answers, I am at least grateful that other folks have as many questions and doubts as I do.  
And I am especially grateful for the folks who make me laugh as hard as I get to think as we wrestle with what it is to be fully who we are on this path we call faith!
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