Looking for something new for the family to do during the long days of summer vacation? how about LVUC-to-go?

This summer the CYFM team has put together " to-go" boxes with activities, games and ideas for spiritual practices to do on vacation, on the go ...or just to take time to connect (or reconnect) as family. The boxes include mindfulness activities to do together and in nature and mandalas to colour, a journal/ notebook and dice 'prayer starters" and family conversation starter cards. There's no right way to use the contents of the box, and opportunities for everyone to connect, go deeper or engage in the world more contemplatively.

Jorden invites and encourages the kids explore and use the contents of the LVUC-to-go boxes and then come back to church to share sories about how they used the boxes and what innovative ideas they came up with for the "bonus challenges". (Parents are welcome to share their stories, too!) and for all you supporters of kids programming at LVUC, this is a great conversation starter, so feel free to ask our kids how they are using their box this summer!

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