Sharing Heartbreak

Last week, Canadians accross the country donned jerseys, put out hockey sticks, donated to the Go Fund Me account and/ or took part in a myriad of displays of support to give action to their heartbreak over the tragic accident of the Humboldt Broncos.

The ripple of grief accross the nation of people who knew the players/ families/ coaches/ town or felt connected through participation at some point in their lives in hockey or another sport left few untouched by this event. 

As stories of survivors and families of those who died start to bubble to the surface, we continue to grab at details and seek ways to make sense of it all. What more can we do? Are prayers and jerseys enought? What action or word can even begin to express how much we wish this had not happened? How long do we leave the sticks on the porch?

Judging by what I observed on a walk today in this community, some 1680km away from Humboldt, there are some neighbours willing to support the team for some time.... Because that is what it means to be in service to your neighbour.