Myth, Legend, History?

Myth, Legend, History?

A friend sent to me a link to this YouTube video.  The video is not new  (produced, it seems, in 2007), and that doesn't matter.  It raises some challenges about the Christian tradition which I find compelling.  The video cites other ancient mythological stories which parallel the Jesus story, and connects all of them to the astrological signs of the zodiac.  Was there really a Jesus of history?  That's one of the questions it explores.  What is the political agenda of the church?  Historically and currently?  That's another of the questions.  What actually is the age of Aquarius?

I will be the first to say there are many reasons and siuations in our world for which the church might be, must be held accountable.  I've joined a number of others who have read the Pagan Christ, in which Tom Harpur makes a similar case about the Jesus story.  But it should be noted that none of the religious traditions fathered by Abraham (Islam, Judaism, Christianity) question the historicity of Jesus.  

For me, today, while these are all interesting, they are not fruitful questions.  To me, the real questions are: why have these ancient mythologies, these ancient stories, these archetypal events lasted?  Why do we want to continue to hear the old, old story?  What is it about the stories of a about a virgin birth, a son of God, miraculous healings, a three-day burial, and a momentus resurrection that continue to draw us into community? 

I have a hunch it has something to do with being known intimately, loved unconditionally, and empowered compassionately for participating in a better evolution.  That's a good thing, I think. 

Have a look at the video.  What do you think?