Les Truly is More

Les Truly is More

In the evolution of Friday Night Live, I have observed that a close encounter with the guest artist is what makes the event such a phenomenal experience... and once again, I was touched by the synconicity of time, place and co-creators of experience as Les Finnegan took the stage last Friday.

The conversation in the kitchen after the performance was proof. "It feels so comforatable and uncomplicated here- more like jamming with friends in the living room than playing a gig." The small crowd of regulars hung around. Les and his wife hung around. The lights stayed on and the conversation continued... pure connection that crackled with discovery of something within being released after lying dormant or unused. No one wanted the evening to end.

How is it that within an hour, a group of people is left wanting to hear more? to know more? to keep on feeling 'that feeling' that is indescribable? I guess that is what keeps me so engaged in Friday Night Live. 

You can get a taste of that connection on Fridays at 8pm until November 24 (continuing in the New Year as of Jan 12)- visit the FNL website to learn about upcoming guests.

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