A Gathering of Community

A Gathering of Community

Not having a fixed format for FNL has allowed us to experiment and this evening was no exception. Matt Grinke has been our 'house' musician for FNL for the past 5 years but tonight Matt was the entire show. In fact Matt is still going as the show ended an hour ago but he still has 21 hours left to go in his 24 hour marathon. 

With each new show and each new format, I've found new things to enjoy about the experience. Tonight was markedly different from the very beginning, Matt started at 7pm instead of waiting for the 7:30 FNL start time. There was nobody here, except for Matt's extended family and some of his friends. But that set the tone for the evening, low-key and relaxed with everyone just chatting. It felt like an FNL after-party instead of the start of the show. 

By 7:30 most of the seats were full but the atmosphere still had this relaxed, party-like jive. People were in and out to the kitchen to get snacks or just hanging out in the lobby chatting. 

The one word I would use to describe this evening would be 'community' and building community has been one of our goals for FNL. 

This has been my experience...there is no one way to do FNL...All are welcome.